Sunday, January 6, 2008

So about this site

I feel the only thing I'm getting out of this experience is a really good how to book for men - how to pick a username that doesn't scare me - like in the way you could be a WoW playing (all the time), Internet stalker, still live with my mother or even axe-murdering freak. So here are the suggestions.

1. Don't pick a name like MrSensual, Uncle___ (there have been a few of those), WILDHOGMAN, ezeymoney and I could go on - for those of you on the site - these are real - check them out if you don't believe me.

2. DON'T TYPE IN CAPITALS - it translates as yelling

3. Spell chekc - yes, while I typed that incorrectly on purpose - use your spell check, I'm not a gril, you aren't going to go threw life with me

4. Pictures - they are the source of your success and your downfall - variety works, and even better recent - saw one this morning that looks like it has to be at least 15 years old from the discoloration. So here's a little insight into my life when I'm really bored and have a digital camera - I do my hair and make-up like it counts not the everyday when I go to work look- and then in the natural light of Leaha's room take as many head shots as I need to get one that works - let that be your profile picture and save the Halloween shots, the up the nose shots and all the other stuff for your Flickr page. Can't do it yourself - get a friend and just keep doing it.

May this picture serve as the kind not to post - one of me doing my Botox face for Jess.

5. Don't write a profile you think we want to read because if you are still single at 50 - you haven't figured women out - saying you're sensual, that you're a softy, a ___, may work for a small number of women. But for the most part it brings to mind the picture of the overly friendly male that no one wants to get to know - the one that is always obnoxiously flirting with every woman in the room - like he's got no self control or self respect.

6. Your future mate is a person -they aren't a Barbie doll, or a made to order specimen - know that they have faults - mine most prevalently is some of my language (oops) - but that being said if you are going to be a Darrell and pull some __ out about how you have to have a pastor's wife - then put that out there right way so I can laugh at your profile and move on.

7. Know that she's out there - keep your backbone and your whits about you - to the nice guy I've talked to twice - we so aren't compatible and since I don't know you I wasn't as blunt as I would have liked to have been - you seem nice, decent - so pull yourself together man - don't play the victim card - it's even more of a turn off than you not reading.

8. I don't care about your job, seriously as long as it's legal - that is. So don't go putting your job title in the first two lines of your profile - that is unless you want someone who cares about wealth and status...

9. Don't play games with me - I'm learning pretty fast how this thing all goes down - interested that's great, not lets move on - I've got too much shit in my life to add one more person who's not interested to the mix. And there we go with the poor choice use of words.


cheryl said...

word from your editor. you've got a too/to problem near the bottom, and i think you should change the word Flickr to myspace ;)

Therrian said...

Is it just me, or are these posts getting more and more interesting?

I am a bit confused though...I thought the whole point of Net Dating was to eliminate the drama...